Tile Tile Pro Black 2 pack (2018)

  • To find your belongings, you can have the Tile make a sound when you're close or by showing their location on a map if you're further away
  • Use your mobile to make the Tile sound when it's close but not in view
  • Press the Tile button twice to find your phone and make it sound, even when on silent.
  • The Tile app remembers when and where you lost your item and will show you its last location on a map
  • If your Tile is far away (out of maximum reach), you can anonymously ask for help from other users to find it, and the Tile app on their devices will send location updates only to your app
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Bluetooth Tile Pro finders are water-resistant and easy to attach to keys, backpacks, phones, tablets or any object that you don't want to lose. Download the free app available for iOS and Android, activate the Tile and start using it.

The Tile Pro range comes with new features on the Tile app, specifically designed for new products. Now, with volume control and two additional tones, the Tile app allows users to personalise the sound of their devices. A redesigned proximity measure provides improved accuracy to help users find their objects more easily within an increased range of 90 metres that the new devices can operate in.

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