Doro Magna 4000

  • Upp till +60 dB volym i handenheten
  • Justerbar ton för anpassning till individuella hörselbehov
  • Display för visning av namn och nummer
Doro Magna 4000
Doro Magna 4000
Doro Magna 4000
990 kr
792 kr
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Medel (10-20)
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5-15 arbetsdagar
99,0 SEK

Very loud landline
Doro Magna 4000 is the elegant choice for anyone with moderate to severe hearing loss. Pressing sound reinforcement button raises immediately the handset volume to +60 dB and an adjustable tone control ensures a clear sound quality that is tailored to your specific individual needs. The ringtone is very high and also has a flashing ringtone.

Doro Magna 4000 is very easy to use thanks to big buttons and presets. It has a display for caller ID, phone book and other useful features. Additionally speakerphone.

  • Up to +60 dB volume in handset
  • Adjustable tone for adaptation to individual hearing needs
  • Display for showing the name and number
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